XXIX Winter Universiade 2019 in Krasnoyarsk

How to become a volunteer of the 2019 Winter Universiade?

How to become a volunteer of the 2019 Winter Universiade?

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We publish step-by-step instruction for everyone who wants to be a volunteer of the XXIX World Student Games in Krasnoyarsk.
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1. First of all, you need to fill in an application form on our website. It is necessary to do this as accurately as possible: write down your data and upload a high-quality portrait photo on a light background (the face should be completely open, the head should occupy at least 70% of the image). Candidates living outside Krasnoyarsk must indicate their Skype - otherwise they will not be able to have an interview.


2. If the questionnaire is filled in correctly, its status will change to " Reviewed", if not, it will return to the correction and then be reviewed again. When the questionnaire is " Reviewed", you should not make edits without real need.


3. The next step is to apply for the event. The candidates will receive a notification when it is possible to apply. Then you can choose the positions you are interested in.


4. After that all candidates will pass online testing in three areas: knowledge of the Universiade, the English language and general erudition. Based on the results of testing the rating of candidates will be formed.


5. After passing the test the candidates will be able to register for the interview. Residents of Krasnoyarsk will be interviewed in person and residents of other cities - with the help of the Skype messenger.

6. Based on the results of the interview a team of volunteers will be formed for the 2019 World Student Games. The recruitment will be completed in the summer of 2018.

7. Further, volunteers are expected to have training courses and internships.