XXIX Winter Universiade 2019 in Krasnoyarsk

Sponsors attraсtion

Sponsors attraсtion


This functional area is responsible for the implementation of the programmer for attracting official sponsors, suppliers of the Games, as well as for supporting relevant contracts and providing partners with marketing rights and services established in sponsorship agreements. The task of volunteers is to ensure the comfortable stay of representatives of sponsors and partners in Krasnoyarsk during the Winter Universiade-2019. Available positions are: an attache of sponsors and partners, a volunteer-photographer of activities of partners and sponsors, a volunteer of sponsoring companies at the venue.


    Volunteers of this area will be able to get acquainted with interesting people, including representatives of large international companies, visit facilities and be in the centre of events.


    The volunteers will have to work in a busy schedule, carry out a variety of client assignments, move from place to place, and work extra hours. Volunteers should have organizational skills, stress resistance, the ability to resolve disputed and conflict situations.