XXIX Winter Universiade 2019 in Krasnoyarsk

Spectators services

Spectators services


Volunteers of the direction "work with the audience" will be responsible for the reception of spectators at the facilities of the Games and the creation of an atmosphere of friendliness and celebration. Volunteers should have good communication skills and a positive attitude.
Position: volunteer engagement of the audience, the volunteer navigation, volunteer at lost and found, volunteer life size mascot U-Laika, the volunteer accompanying Malouine groups,volunteer stands, the volunteer supervisor.


    Volunteers will meet people from all over the world at the venues of the Games, as well as help them. Many positions imply the opportunity to watch the competition.


    You will have to work with a large flow of people, spend a lot of time on your feet, including – on the street and in any weather. A volunteer should be ready to resolve disputes and conflicts.