XXIX Winter Universiade 2019 in Krasnoyarsk

FISU relations

FISU relations


Volunteers of the direction "Interaction with FISU" will accompany members of the international Federation of student sports (FISU). Their main task is to ensure a comfortable stay of FISU members during the Universiade. Volunteers will be required to have a good knowledge of a foreign language, organizational skills, efficiency and diplomacy.
Position: attaché family the FISU, FISU offices of the volunteer, the volunteer support for events of FISU, the volunteer supervisor


    The volunteer will have an opportunity to meet interesting and influential people, to Express his / her qualities. The work is interesting, diverse and not tied to one place.


    You will have to work from early morning to late evening, sometimes – to stay. In addition, volunteers will have to be more patient and stress – resistant, because the client's expectations are very high.